Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't Take "NO" for an Answer

Another lesson in resiliency on display by one of the stars on the "Shark", Barbara Corcoran. In an article on Barbara talks about how she fought for the spot on the show and did not accept No from mega producer Mark Burnett. The actual email she wrote to Burnett can be found here

Her letter highlighted her accomplishments and why she was the better choice for the position. She acknowledged Burnett's position then highlighted her past experiences and completed the email with a "call to action". Excellent solution based response to the initial denial which eventually won her the position.

Moral of the story in a sales model, don't take No for an answer if you truly believe that your solution is the better choice. Even if she did not win this spot, she still professionally gave it all she could. During this economy we are all experiencing many "No's" from proposals but need to fight for what we believe in. When I receive a "No" I still stay in contact offering the potential client to continue to follow my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Website to receive current tabs on my success and to educate on this Seismic shift going on in Business and Marketing.