Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mobile Email's Massive Growth

The percentage of emails read on mobile devices has surged to over 50% up from just 4% less than four years ago. What does this mean for you email marketing strategy?

You must design with mobile in mind. 

Email marketing is still a viable marketing activity and will continue as people check two essential items multiple times daily, email and social media. Designing for mobile takes a special expertise that few interactive designers have mastered and most importantly, the copy writing must be short and engaging.

How many times a day to you check your email on your mobile device?

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What The SaaS Is Going On

If your using the Internet for any type of online education, editing, social media tools, malware services etc, your using SaaS. By definition, Saas or Software As A Service, is the use of software and associated data centrally hosted on the cloud.

For a technical SaaS definition explore here.

A growing majority access the Internet and services via their mobile devices which rely on the cloud and SaaS providers. As users engage with the cloud and build trust, Saas will not only grow, but will need to grow in order to support the user base.

Let the SaaS be with you.

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

Friday, October 25, 2013

Southern California's Top 100 Events 2013

Here is a list of the Top 100 Events in Southern California.

There is a variety of events listed here and valuable for certain target markets and planning.

Before participating in an event, receive all the details from the show organizer, ask to speak to other exhibitors/vendors and do your research online both positive and negative for a overall perspective.

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

I was recently invited to join a networking group within the Oil and Gas industry. As I started to delve into the particulars of the group, a few items popped out. Several terms that were continuously used were Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. As a student for life, I ventured to find the definitions to gain an understanding.

Now it's your turn, click on the word:

Never go a day without learning something new. You will be surprised when you may need this new found information and it broadens your depth of knowledge.

Michael Newhouse WCN group

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The End of Duck Dynasty is Near, Part 1

The most popular Reality Show in Cable TV history will be coming to a firery end. The 4th season has introduced the oldest sibling Alan Robertson who is a preacher but has joined the show to assist with Public Relations and spread the word of God to more people.

Duck Dynasty is based around the Robertson family who live in Northeast Louisiana. Like all reality show formulas, it follows the family in their personal and business lives. What is different about this family and what makes this reality show so popular, is that there is no drinking debauchery, no overtly sexual content and being over the top focused on worldly possessions does not enter this reality. So what makes it interesting, well the business is booming (Duck Commander), the three-stooge like work parodies and good ole wholesome family values and fun.

 But, why is it going to end? Well, all good things have to come to end because when you're on top in the worldly game of entertainment, not just somebody, but everybody is looking to knock you off. And unfortunately, the Robertson's well intentions is exactly what is going to be the crucifix in the end. Bringing in the eldest Robertson who is a preacher wanting to spread the word of God, Phil Robertson's comments about "yuppies" and questioning why the editors bleeped out the word "Jesus". 

So, as much as I thoroughly enjoy Duck Dynasty, the ending is near and due to their strong convictions, the crash course is set.

Final Note: to the producers, please give Si Robertson his own show.

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Marketing Reports Are Useless

Reports are great but without identifying actionable steps to KPI's (key performance indicators) they remain useless. I have read reports that were one page and some that were 100 pages that went into extensive reporting detail but offered no recommendations. For example, a trend as been identified that the target market in Tier 1 is responding to a certain CTA (Call for Action) within emails. The data is revealed and cross referenced via email data, Google Analytics and landing page data. The is fantastic that a positive conversion trend is revealed and reported, but the next step is taking action on this item either by means of continuing the strategy or modifying the strategy by incorporating in other marketing assets.

Do your reports reflect this type of actionable recommendations? If not, incorporate it now!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3 Major Content Marketing Mistakes

Content Marketing is one of the hottest buzz words and trends for 2013. As we know with online marketing trends, everybody from major agencies to novices jump in and most, with no experience or preparation. Content marketing has suddenly become even more important due to the recent announcement from Google stripping all organic data as a result insisting all marketers provide content that is relevant, trustworthy and engaging.

The 3 Major Content Marketing Mistakes:

1. Sales or promotional driven. No gimmicks. No buy right now. No Limited offers.

2. Non-Relevant. If the content does not resonate or engage the target market it will die a quick death online. Nobody will see it and it will be deemed irrelevant. Create content that is useful.

3. More the merrier. Content marketing does not mean push out as much as you can marketing. This is a tactic of Black Hat SEO and Google is on to this with penalizing sites that push duplicate articles.

Keep this in mind as you are developing content and an annual content marketing strategy. The Internet police are cracking down and those that will succeed have valuable, engaging and relevant content to share.

Please add to my list of Major Content Marketing Mistakes in the comments section below.


Michael Newhouse

WCNgroup is a Strategic Marketing and Branding agency founded by Michael Newhouse. Services include brand identity, demographic discovery, marketing planning, business plan development, experiential campaign execution, digital marketing and social media.