Saturday, May 12, 2012

Social Media Paparazzi Catches Russell Brand

Russell Brand unfollows Katy Perry on Twitter as reported by Wonderwall. Social media is now the go to de-facto in Celebrity relationships. Celebrities not only have photographer paparazzi following their every move, they now can include social media paparazzi.

Social media will never go away, it's not a trend or a fad it is extending conversation with technology. Technology will change is the only constant at this time. If you are a social media strategist, agency, community manager or a small business owner, this better be in the back of your mind daily.

Following celebrity relationships social media interactivity is as intriguing to people as their career itself. What will this do to the Publicist, PR agencies and entertainment management companies that retain these clients? This new level in exposure is a real concern due to one tweet can endanger a career, at least for a moment (we tend to forgive and forget).

The sheer power of social media is undeniable but the management of it will be more critical as social norms and other regulations will be instituted. The role of social media agencies who truly understand pr, marketing, promotions, technology, advertising and digital strategy will be key players in all agencies and businesses.

Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends....

Michael Newhouse

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