Michael C. Newhouse, Founder and CEO of WCNGroup, a dynamic business Brand Strategist and Marketing entrepreneur that combines formal business education with hands on business leadership experience. 

The beginning...
Michael’s first entrepreneurial business experience occurred in his early teens before he even knew what the word meant.  That experience was his first Newspaper route for the Orange County Register.  During that time, Michael learned to wear many hats including marketing, sales, new business development, logistics and fleet management (his bicycle).  In addition, he had a natural business acumen in Sales and Marketing by developing strategies that served each individual customer and savvy Business Development tactics that sourced and developed new customers.

Hard Lessons ...
After several years working in Management for Non-Profits and developing Athletic and Special Event programs, Michael decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and started a Classified Publication.  This adventure entailed researching, writing a business plan, securing financing, negotiating commercial leasing, and legal fillings.  With a business/marketing plan and financing secured, staff was hired, vendors were established and distribution sales channels were established.  What lacked the most punch was the Branding, Marketing and Sales strategies. 

Current Business...
After the hard lessons were learned, Michael went back to Graduate school to gain a formal theoretical base to the hands on experiences he endured with his first business start up.  After completing a graduate degree in Business Administration with a focus on Executive Leadership and Consulting, he continued and completed a Post Graduate MBA degree specializing in Marketing. 

After graduate school, Michael launched WCNGroup, a boutique Branding and Marketing  Agency with a focus on Small and Mid Size Businesses, new product launches and start ups.  The agency quickly grew with word of mouth referrals and now over 12 years later has worked with mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 clients.  As a branding and marketing thought leader, Michael continues to lead the agency into the digital realm including social media, SEO, SEM and eCommerce.

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