Monday, January 3, 2011

Highlights from 2010

What a roller coaster year 2010 has been.  I use the term "Roller Coaster" because even when a roller coaster is at a low on a straight away it is still traveling with speed.  One of the most important components of a successful Advertising/Marketing/Digital Agency is the ability to evaluate past work of the agency and others then transform that into teachable moments within and outside the agency.  In my past work (Psychology) we called this "teachable moments".

Teachable moments can be overwhelming, just ask a parent, but the key is knowing when the right environment exist that will elicit the best response.  This past year seemed to be moving at light speed with the meteoric rise of the desire for almost every business to be have a Social Media Strategy.  In several blog post I discussed the "Scammers, Spammers, Internet Marketing Experts and Network Marketers" and how they all claim to be Social Media Experts, Gurus, blah, blah, blah and to run as fast as you can from them.  Knowing that Social Media and even Search Engine Marketing is changing daily, it is virtually impossible to be an expert in this moment.
*follow the few key leaders in the industry who amass all the new tools, apps, data, strategies and news.

A few highs for WCN Group this year:
  • TedxConejo assisted client with Marketing & Sales achieving a sell out for the 1st annual conference
  • Secured Product Placement for brand Skitter Toys on "The Ellen" show.
  • Secured Print Placement in "Seventeen" Magazine for apparel client Three Peas Co.
  • Created Social Media Strategy & PR outreach for World Record Setting client Ventura Deep Six Team
  • Developed PR plan for client Roberts Surfboards providing 10 minutes of prime time News Coverage in Los Angeles market
Thanks for the ride to the above WCN Group agency client's and the others not on this list.  We had many "teachable moments" that we will continue to implement and share with clients.