Sunday, November 24, 2013

Agency Burson-Marsteller Changing Course

What are you doing to keep up with changing times in Business. Some Agencies have embraced this change years ago but for some larger agencies, it's a more daunting challenge. Top PR Agency Burson-Marsteller is now make an all-out effort to change the culture, course and service offerings to reflect the continuous changes in technology and consumer behavior.


Agencies will need adapt to how people interact with companies, non-profit organizations and each each. Technologies are constantly changing and being introduced thus successful agencies will need to commit the time and money for education and hands-on experience within these technologies and platforms. 

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snorestop Controversial Ad Does Not Convert

Accomplishing millions of impressions is great, but if it does not result in improving branding or conversions, than the effort and money was wasted. In the case of Snorestop, the results have been mostly negative and damaging for the company. See Snorestop billboard advertisement below.

How they will calculate the ROI is their business, but from a branding perspective, the massive negative attention the ad has received will be hard to overcome. Additionally, the ad's contain no brand identity except for the #hashtag which has zero correlation to the brand. When viewing this ad for the first time, I had No idea what type of products or services they provided. The discussion surrounding this ad focuses more around the controversy and little about the company.

In an interview, it was revealed that the company suffered during the economic downturn and this is an effort to rebound. Creating controversial marketing is nothing new for this company, but this time they might have taken it too far.

What's your thoughts?

Michael Newhouse
WCN group