Monday, April 28, 2014

Marketing, You Can Only Predict And Measure

Marketing is strategic, creative and measurable. Marketing imitates sales in addition to supporting. Both are equaling important to the bottom line. Yes, there are exceptions to the rules, but these are only rare in frequency.

Michael Newhous
 WCN group

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trust Your Designer

One of the best lessons I learned, was to allow and build trust with my designer. In the beginning, I tried to control the entire graphic design process, even to the point of creating my own design concepts. with the expectation of following my exact design. A presumptuous error on my behalf.

Designer: Joe Roces
My approach to the design process included research and data analysis then developing solutions based on the data that included the creative design. Even though in the creative brief, I would request designs independent from the creative brief. Basically, I did not trust my designer. As a result, it would at times affect the efficiency of the creative process.

The break through entailed years working with a variety of graphic designers. That experience has taught me to let down my barriers and be my designers’ biggest fan. Each graphic designer is different and you must adapt to their personality and creating working style. The graphic designer is the key to the strategic success.

Find the time to evaluate your approach when working with the creative team and make the necessary modifications. The results will be worth your investment and finally, be your graphic designers’ biggest fan. 

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Make False Marketing Claims, Go To Jail

Kevin Trudea was sentenced to 10 years in jail for bilking customers through his infomercials. Infomercials are known (hopefully by most) to make generous claims about the product benefits. The process then follows with testimonies from actual users then an urgent call to action (Act Now!). To seal the deal the information that offers a deal you can't beat (not only do you get this product but well throw in another.
*Note - the color pantone utilized along with the instant ordering are brilliant forms of direct sales.

But what is a viable marketing sales channel for companies, Kevin decided to take it too another level by extending the product claims. Being convicted previously did not stop Kevin from continuing his scrupulous ways until now.

In a world that is demanding more authenticity, Kevin should not be your role model. If you make a marketing claim, back it up  with verifiable substance. Even down to your customer service, it you claim to have 24 hour service, deliver it. If you need a business role model to follow, follow Gary Vaynerchuk, he will show you the way.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Michael Newhouse
WCN group