Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Not To Do On Social Media

If social media was easy everybody would be doing it well. But that is obviously not the case. Every week we see examples of social media gone wrong (or really bad). The is week we had a wonderful bad example of social media by a senior GOP staffer bashing the daughters of the President on Facebook. Not the first time for this self-proclaimed GOPgirl posting ill-advised content on social platforms.

Another example of social media gone wild, a recent Twitter post by Malaysian Airlines was not only untimely but insensitive to the family members still coping with the loss of ill-fated flight 370. The airline tried to loosely justify the tweet by saying it was a promotion to inspire people. Where is the overall strategy and content manager? This brand should be operating in crisis mode still and carefully review all content it's releasing.

Not sure these people truly understand the magnitude of social media and its reach. Also imperative to note that these people are running digital agencies providing services to other brands and businesses. Would this be a digital agency you would want to handle your social media?

Update 12/1/2014
GOP Staffer who criticized Obama's daughters has resigned. I wonder what her other clients or current client pitches will do?

Michael Newhouse
WCN group

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